What Color Are Your Jellybeans?

Intersections of Generation, Race, Sex, Culture, and Gender (First Edition)
Felecia Carter Harris
Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1246-1 ©2017
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What Color Are Your Jellybeans?

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    When faced with a constant flow of information, correct and incorrect, how can society adequately explore the intersection of race, spirituality, politics, culture, and gender? What Color Are Your Jellybeans? Intersections of Generation, Race, Sex, Culture, and Gender examines how all these affect our views of differences in general, and more importantly, how we view each other.

    Adroitly combining original commentary and outstanding reading selections, the book explores the impact of gender, sexual, racial, cultural, and generational differences, especially as they impact the millennial generation. The material centers on understanding and valuing difference from both personal and global perspectives. It also examines significant historical and current events, trends, processes, and individual and organizational complexities that are inherent in any discussion of differences.

    Firmly rooted in a philosophy that encourages and validates diversity and inclusion, What Color Are Your Jellybeans? allows students to have a “safe space” to talk about difficult and even taboo topics, while at the same time examining the social structures behind the issues. This inspirational text is well-suited to courses in African American studies and history, women's and gender studies, diversity, and sociology.

    Felecia Carter Harris earned her Ed.D. in higher education and interdisciplinary studies at North Carolina State University. Dr. Harris teaches women's and gender studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and is a leadership and diversity coach in the McColl Executive M.B.A. Program at Queens University. She also provides training and consulting to individuals and organizations in the areas of leadership, team and professional development, and diversity. Her writing has been featured in the Charlotte Business Journal, The Western Journal of Black Studies, and the Journal of General Education.
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