Visual Culture for a Global Audience

(First Edition)
Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. and Alina Rafikova
Paperback, 406 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-0410-7 ©2017
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Visual Culture for a Global Audience

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    The anthology Visual Culture for a Global Audience takes a conceptually progressive approach to visual images and examines the role of control in visuals and images of gender, science, technology, and race. The material connects practical visual issues to critical, cultural studies. Images at the focus of this book are related to militarization, state violence, control, and masculinity in entertainment, journalism, advertising, and more.

    The text features imagery from around the globe, including that of regional indigenous populations. Introductions to each main section highlight key concepts that provide readers with the language and perspectives necessary for critical interpretation. These introductions also feature guiding questions that prepare students for the subsequent chapters. Editors' comments throughout the text offer additional description. Each chapter includes references and recommended readings.

    Visual Culture for a Global Audience is ideal for undergraduate and graduate classes related to visual communication, design, media and journalism, and courses focused on meanings of media and new technologies. The book is relevant to those interested in interpreting the meanings of advertising, politics, international relations, current events, journalism, and images.

    Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Ph.D., teaches journalism and visual communication at Florida International University, Miami. A journalist since 1996, his scholarship focuses on news, culture, and power. The author of three books, his work also appears in Visual Communication, Visual Communication Quarterly, and Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.
    Alina Rafikova, M.S., is a scholar and Fulbright grantee who studies place branding and intercultural relations. She has interned at the United Nations. She also participated in the organization of G20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation events in Russia and served as a graduate research assistant at Florida International University.
    Drawing on visuals across the spectrum – from classic films to billboards, from Barbie dolls to basketball stars – this collection provides readers with a comprehensive lens to examine the power and politics behind the multi-media culture we encounter on a daily basis. James Kilgore, author of Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People's Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time