Up to Date Applied Ethical Issues

(First Edition)
Written and edited by Jeremy A. Dickinson
Paperback, 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1957-6 ©2018
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Up to Date Applied Ethical Issues

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    Up to Date Applied Ethical Issues introduces readers to a variety of recent works on applied ethical issues. While providing summaries of seminal works on applied ethics so that students are aware of the classics in the discipline, the book focuses on new ways of thinking about applied ethics that are representative of contemporary discourse.

    Up to Date Applied Ethical Issues discusses numerous high-interest topics such as poverty, child abuse, human enhancement, abortion, torture, capital punishment, animal ethics, and human rights. Each issue is presented with enough general context for it to be fully accessible to students. Key concepts and theories related to the issue enable students to engage in thinking from a philosophical perspective. Thoughtfully crafted review questions can be used to guide class discussions or serve as writing prompts.

    Developed to familiarize today's philosophy students with foundational knowledge, while also encouraging fresh thinking on contemporary challenges, Up to Date Applied Ethical Issues can be used as the primary text for any applied ethics course, or as a supplemental reader in general ethics classes.

    Jeremy A. Dickinson earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at Syracuse University and is now a lecturer at both California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and Cuesta College. Dr. Dickinson's teaching interests are metaphysics, medieval philosophy, and ethics. His current projects work on applied ethics related to animal ethics and world poverty, and a book on the history of ethics and political philosophy. Dr. Dickinson is a member of the American Philosophical Association.