Meet Todd Armstrong: Publisher - Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies

Todd Armstrong Since 1993, it’s been my privilege to serve as an editor and publisher in the exciting and dynamic fields of communication and media studies.

Now, I have the pleasure of developing the communication and media studies list for Cognella Academic Publishing, a publisher that values authors’ unique perspectives, provides a platform for introducing their work to thousands of students nationwide, and is invested in helping move the discipline forward in interesting ways.

The titles below reflect Cognella’s commitment to publish quality texts by notable authors that showcase the exciting work being done in the discipline today.

If you’re interested in writing or in discussing book ideas, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at:

2020 Conferences

Cognella will host an exhibit at the following conferences in 2020. Swing by the Cognella booth to say hi and learn about new and upcoming texts in communication, journalism, and media studies.

  • Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention – April 1 - 5, 2020 – Baltimore, MD
  • Central States Communication Association Annual Convention – April 14 - 19, 2020 – Chicago, IL
  • National Communication Association Annual Convention – November 19 - 22, 2020 – Indianapolis, IN
At the following conferences, Cognella will not host a booth, but I will attend and will be available to discuss potential book projects and Cognella's current and upcoming offerings in the discipline.

  • Western States Communication Association Annual Convention – February 21 - 24, 2020 – Denver, CO
  • International Communication Association Annual Convention – May 21 - 25, 2020 – Gold Coast, Australia
  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Convention – August 5 - 9, 2020 – San Francisco, CA

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  1. Communicating Finances in the Family
    Talking and Taking Action (First Edition)
    Roberta A. Davilla Robbins and A. Frank Thompson
  2. Communication and Relationship Maintenance
    (First Edition)
    Marianne Dainton and Scott A. Myers
  3. Communication Is...
    Perspectives on Theory (First Edition)
    Edited by Adam Tyma and Autumn Edwards
  4. Computer-Mediated Communication
    Approaches and Perspectives (First Edition)
    John C. Sherblom
  5. From Thought to Action
    Developing a Social Justice Orientation (First Edition)
    Amy Aldridge Sanford
  6. The Communication Capstone
    The Communication Inquiry and Theory Experience (First Edition)
    Editors: Brian H. Spitzberg, Daniel J. Canary, Heather E. Canary
  7. Thinking Like a Researcher
    An Engaged Introduction to Communication Research Methods (First Edition)
    Jake Harwood
  8. Intercultural Communication
    A Critical Perspective (First Edition)
    Rona Tamiko Halualani
  9. Rhetorical Criticism
    Empowering the Exploration of "Texts" (First Edition)
    Theodore F. Sheckels
  10. Communicating in Groups and Teams
    Strategic Interactions (Fourth Edition)
    Joann Keyton and Stephenson Beck

Items 1-12 of 18

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