The Philosophy of Human Movement

(First Edition)
By Dina Mijacevic
Paperback, 102 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-379-6 ©2016
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The Philosophy of Human Movement

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    The Philosophy of Human Movement takes a new approach to movement by stepping away from data collection, statistical analysis, and objectification and focusing instead on experiences and stories. These stories and experiences are designed to help students develop a personal philosophy of sport, movement activity, exercise, play, and games.

    Students explore a passion for movement activity, dualism vs. wholism, movement and meaning, and the significance of games and play. They reflect on the intrinsic and extrinsic value of fitness, knowledge, skill, and pleasure. They consider the importance of self-knowledge and also respect for others.

    The book culminates with chapters devoted to improving life through movement-related professions, and the opportunity to develop and write a personal movement philosophy to apply and rely on.

    Addressing both the values that make the movement profession an exciting one and the ethics that help professionals deal with daily questions of right and wrong, The Philosophy of Human Movement is ideally suited to courses in movement sciences, sport and exercise science, and leisure studies.

    Dina Mijacevic earned her Ph.D. in sport pedagogy and character education at the University of Idaho, Moscow. She is a clinical assistant professor in the kinesiology program at Washington State University in Pullman, where she teaches courses on the philosophy of human movement, sports nutrition, and strength training. She is also a clinical coordinator for the strength and conditioning minor. Dr. Mijacevic has been involved with the Special Olympics and National Girls and Women in Sports Day. She is the author of Where Soul Meets Body: It’s Not Just a Workout: Lived Sport and Exercise Experiences and has presented at the American Council on Exercise Symposium and the Annual Fitness Summit.