Team Impact

Achieving Twice as Much in Half the Time (First Edition)
John Tropman
Paperback, 226 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1430-4 ©2018
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Team Impact

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    Team Impact: Achieving Twice as Much in Half the Time draws on extensive contemporary research to explore what it takes to be a great manager and create effective, impactful teams. It features material generated by the Meeting Masters Research Project, an ongoing effort at the University of Michigan.

    The book addresses the wide range of teams within organizations, ranging from governance teams to those devoted to specific projects. Readers learn about running team meetings and managing decisions within them, and using the Agenda Bell, which graphs energy over time, to place items on the agenda. Team Impact also introduces the menu agenda structure to facilitate the flow of information, and the concept of high-quality decisions as the sign of impact. Each chapter includes exercises that allow students to immediately apply what they have learned.

    Research-based and rooted in qualitative methods, Team Impact is an ideal instructional tool for courses in management, leadership, and organizational development. Its accessible tone and style also make it appropriate for any organization, from condominium boards to school committees, to social groups, seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of the meeting experience.

    John Tropman earned his Ph.D. in social work and sociology at the University of Michigan, where he is now a faculty member in the School of Social Work and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Dr. Tropman also serves as a consultant to both nonprofit and for profit organizations, assisting them with strategic planning, decision systems, and change management. His writing has appeared in publications such as The International Executive journal, Human Systems Management journal, and Directors and Boards magazine. He is the author of several books including The Management of Ideas in the Creating Organization, Making Meetings Work: Achieving High Quality Group Decisions, and The Catholic Ethic in American Society.