Tarred and Feathered... Again

The Ongoing Impact of the Racial Attacks on President Obama (First Edition)
Darwin B. Fishman, Ph.D.
Paperback, 228 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-2906-3 ©2018
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Tarred and Feathered... Again

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    Multidisciplinary in nature and perspective, Tarred and Feathered... Again: The Ongoing Impact of the Racial Attacks on President Obama examines the racial attacks directed at Barack Obama during his tenure as a senator, and throughout his campaigns for the Democratic Party presidential nominee and the general election. The book persuasively contends that these attacks impacted not only the way Obama carried out his formal and informal duties as president, but also his public policy and legislative agenda.

    Readers learn about Obama's public policy objectives and achievements. They will analyze the role of race and racial attacks on his presidency, and explore how race is currently examined by scholars in multiple disciplines. They will also explore how symbols are created and culturally interpreted and understood, as well as how these symbols can have a substantive impact on the way we conduct our lives.

    There is a particular focus on how presidential candidates and sitting presidents are criticized and discussed from a perspective of shared meaning and significance, as well as the perspective of those who are neglected, excluded, or hurt by politics and contemporary political discourse. This insightful and powerful text is well-suited to courses in political science, sociology, ethnic studies, African American studies, as well as courses that cover race and ethnicity, modern history, American politics, and executive branch politics.

    Darwin B. Fishman earned his Ph.D. in American studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Fishman is currently working as the program director for the Peace Resource Center of San Diego. The author of numerous book chapters and articles, his writing has appeared in Issues in Race and Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal and the Western Journal of Black Studies. His most recent book is From Misunderstood Apathy to Radical Engagement: How Race, Gender, and Sexuality Influence Contemporary Youth Politics.