Global Issues, Global Perspectives Workbook (First Edition)
Edited by Astrid Cerny
Paperback, 98 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-891-3 ©2016
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    Sustainability: Global Issues, Global Perspectives Workbook is a companion text to the anthology of the same title. The workbook is a valuable learning tool that supports mastery of the material from the main text through meaningful, rigorous questions, and data analysis exercises.

    While the workbook is intended for regular, weekly use, its flexible design allows instructors to use chapters selectively as well as comprehensively from start to finish. It gives students the opportunity to further explore topics such as the global food economy, environmentally sound landscaping, waste management, and human migration.

    Sustainability: Global Issues, Global Perspectives Workbook is one of the few practical exercise workbooks designed to accompany texts on sustainability. It is intended for introductory or survey courses in environmental studies and global issues.

    Astrid Cerny is a faculty member in the liberal studies program at New York University, where she teaches environmental studies. She holds a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Washington and her research interests include human-environment interactions, global food markets and food security, migration, and sustainability and human behavior. She has extensive research experience in China, Central Asia, and Europe. Dr. Cerny’s previous editorial work has been published in Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, Volume 20. She has translated works from German to English, published in peer reviewed journals as well as in Chinese, Russian, and Uzbek publications.
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