Structured Macroeconomics

(First Edition)
By Stephen Gillespie
Spiral Bound, 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-967-5 ©2016
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Structured Macroeconomics

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    Structured Macroeconomics takes the content of standard, bulky textbooks in the field and pares it down to essential information. It then presents this information in digestible, bite-sized blocks.

    Specific topics are easy to locate, making the book an ideal support tool for reviewing concepts presented in class. Each chapter includes a preview of the topic, a summary of the most important points, and a list of additional 1-2 page units that expand on that topic.

    The material reviews microeconomics, provides an overview of the American economy, and introduces the principles of macroeconomics. It teaches students about gross domestic product, inflation, and aggregate supply and demand. Students will also learn about John Maynard Keynes and other classic economists, fiscal and monetary policy, the federal budget, and money and banking.

    Structured Macroeconomics is designed for introductory courses in macroeconomics and economics principles. It can also be used in classes covering the American economy or as a reference text for those who have already completed introductory courses.

    Stephen Gillespie began working in the Department of the Interior with the United States Geological Survey after earning his Ph.D. in economics at George Mason University. His work includes the collection and analysis of customer information. In addition, Dr. Gillespie teaches undergraduate and graduate level economics at George Mason University and the University of Virginia where his course offerings include labor economics, economic analysis, micro- and macroeconomics, and money and banking. He has written extensively on the benefits of geographical information systems and his work has appeared in the URISA Journal, GIS World, and Public Choice.
    Adopting instructors will receive a sample syllabus.