Stories Not Yet Heard

Women in American History (First Edition)
Edited by Jeanne L. Miller
Paperback, 282 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-941-5 ©2017
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Stories Not Yet Heard

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    Stories Not Yet Heard: Women in American History is an anthology of readings on women in American history. The book features both primary and secondary sources and emphasizes biographical information.

    Stories Not Yet Heard begins with the work and stories of women well-noted for their contributions to American history including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Jane Addams, and Betty Friedan. The second chapter examines women's experiences in colonial society, as pioneers, and during the Victorian Age. Subsequent chapters discuss Native American, Mexican American, African American, and Asian American women. Students will learn about the lives of historical figures like Sacajawea, Sojourner Truth, and Tokyo Rose as well as more contemporary figures such as Gloria Steinem and Wilma Mankiller.

    This anthology gives readers insight into all-too-often ignored perspectives and experiences. They will benefit from learning about important contributors to history who seldom feature in standard history textbooks. Stories Not Yet Heard can be used in any course that discusses women's roles and contributions from the early 17th Century to the present day.

    Jeanne Miller joined the faculty of Ventura College after completing a master's degree in history at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Professor Miller has taught United States history, Native American history, and United States history with a focus on women. She is a past recipient of the Erica Neville Memorial Alice Paul Award from the Ventura County Women's History Project for her outstanding contributions to the field of education, particularly in women's history.