Spatial Connections

World Regional Geography (Second Edition)
Edited by Jill Stackhouse
Paperback, 280 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-171-6 ©2017
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Spatial Connections

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    Spatial Connections: World Regional Geography introduces the study of geography by offering a snapshot of the world’s landscapes through a series of articles. The material in this anthology meets several primary objectives. The text provides an introduction to the concept of spatial interconnection, helps students assess complicated relationships across the globe, and illustrates the landscapes on which issues and events play out. It also helps students match concepts discussed in class to recent events and discover their place in an interconnected and dynamic world. The second edition features new readings that focus on diverse subjects such as freshwater systems in Africa, tourism and barriers to economic growth in Cuba, and more.

    Spatial Connections offers an alternative approach to introductory geography courses by focusing on relationships — those that currently exist, the changes that are taking place in them, the connections that are disappearing, and new connections that are being forged.

    Jill Stackhouse is an instructor in the Department of Geography at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minnesota. Dr. Stackhouse has been teaching a variety of subjects across the discipline for more than 12 years, including geographic information systems and cartography, world regional geography, weather and climate, and courses in urban, economic, political, and Latin American geography. She earned her Ph.D. in geography from Syracuse University in 2007, her M.A. in geography at Georgia State University in 2001, and holds two bachelor of science degrees in geography and business administration from Middle Tennessee State University (1997) and Oregon State University (1979) respectively.