Social Problems

(First Edition)
Edited by Jan-Martijn Meij
Paperback, 362 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62131-946-7 ©2014
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Social Problems

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    The anthology Social Problems encourages the reader to develop a sociological imagination— an ability to see seemingly simple problems in all their true complexity in order to become thinking, compassionate problem-solvers.

    This sociological imagination is then put to use as readers move through the four main sections of the text to explore social problems affecting the family, the community, the United States, and finally, the whole planet.

    Section I focuses on status and control in intimate, everyday relationships from the schoolroom to the bedroom. Section II deals with the experiences of “others,” those not like us who are still deserving of our attention and concern.

    Section III introduces social problems that can only be solved through policy choices at the national level, while Section IV broadens this to include social problems that require the attention and commitment of a variety of international actors.

    Written to enable readers to recognize all sides of controversial, emotionally charged issues, Social Problems is an excellent introduction to the study of sociology.

    Jan-Martijn Meij holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Oklahoma State University. He is an assistant professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he also serves as the sociology program leader. Dr. Meij is a co-author of the book Explorations in Music Sociology: Examining the Role of Music in Social Life.