Social Justice Movements

(First Edition)
La Della Levy M.A., M.Ed.
Paperback, 254 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-2394-8 ©2018
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Social Justice Movements

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    Social Justice Movements is a reader about democracy in action. The anthology was developed as an examination of past movements for social, political, and economic justice and their impact on existing political and social structures. Each carefully curated reading was selected because of its ability to speak to historical events and movements that transcended human consciousness and moved society in a global directional shift.

    Organized thematically, the first of the three main units focuses on historical narratives. The second addresses traditional protest movements, and the third is devoted to the impact of individual citizens on revolutionary social change, which is rooted in Betty Friedan's seminal work The Feminist Mystique, and its view of the personal as deeply political.

    Social Justice Movements enhances discussions on the difference between a theoretical framework of governance and the reality experienced by those on the periphery of society. The anthology is an inspiring addition to courses in political science, political history, or social justice.

    La Della Levy holds double master's degrees, one in interdisciplinary studies in adult education with an emphasis on diverse, at-risk learners, and the other in political science with an emphasis in political philosophy, both earned at San Francisco State University. Professor Levy is also an alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles with an earned bachelors of arts degree in political science. She has been a political science professor for fifteen years. Now a tenured professor at the College of Southern Nevada, she teaches courses in American politics and public policy, political philosophy, social justice protest movements, and women in politics. Professor Levy is the author of Women in Politics and American Public Policy. In addition, she has served as a textbook editor and consultant for McGraw-Hill, Norton Publishers, and Pearson Longman. In the past four years she has conducted trainings and symposiums across the country based on her teaching methodology and pedagogy affectionately titled, “Teaching to Transform – Educating 21st Century Diverse Student Learners.” She has recently presented this training in Washington, DC at the annual conference of the American Association of University Professors, the State of Nevada Diversity Summit, the annual Western Political Science Association, and professional development CAPE session at the College of Southern Nevada.