Social Justice

A Look at Issues Confronting the 21st Century (First Edition)
Edited by Samson Chama and Ted Scott-Femenella
Paperback, 484 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-4369-4 ©2019
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Social Justice

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    Social Justice: A Look at Issues Confronting the 21st Century provides students with engaging, timely readings regarding global social issues. The selections offer students various perspectives regarding these issues and inspire critical thinking and vibrant discussion.

    Over the course of 13 chapters, students examine the concept of social justice, international experiences with HIV/AIDS, ageism, children’s rights, the foster care system, the influence of terrorism and immigration policy, and the timely issues of injustice, police, and gun violence. They read about economic justice, homelessness, environmental resources, the challenges facing veterans, and the oppression of women. The text concludes with a chapter outlining strategies for combating a number of the social challenges discussed throughout the text.

    Each chapter features learning objectives, an introduction, discussion questions, and recommended class activities. Additionally, each chapter aligns with the core competencies and practice behaviors outlined by the Council for Social Work Education.

    Presenting students with critical information about the social issues of our time, Social Justice is well suited for courses in social work, counseling, sociology, and social justice.

    Ted Scott-Femenella has been a lecturer at California State University, Sacramento for 14 years. He is a credentialed school social worker, community activist, former member of the faculty senate, former member of the executive board of the California Faculty Association at CSUS, member of the Council for Affirmative Action at CSUS, and lecturer in unconscious bias for the California Department of Corrections Parole Agent Academy. He has over 30 years of experience across the field of social work and social services.
    Samson Chama is an associate professor of social work at Alabama A&M University. He holds a doctoral degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia, Athens. Dr. Chama has over 14 years of social work practice experience, holding senior positions in the Department of Social Services for the Government of Zambia.
    “Social Justice successfully navigates the complexity of today’s modern justice system. The work’s diverse collection of articles present the numerous systems of social justice and their limitations such as, political, international, and criminal justice. With its multi-faceted approach, the text surpasses expectations by allowing the reader to both observe and learn the issues impacting our social justice system. Overall, the text is well written and comprised.”
    Brian Bevels, MSW Candidate
    Department of Social Work, Alabama A&M University

    “This book did a great job of addressing issues that people are face in their communities, such as the militarization of the police, the AIDS epidemic, human trafficking, and many other challenges at both local and global perspectives. The authors approached each topic from a non-biased position which allows the reader to come to their own conclusion about each area. The material in this book was supported by factual articles, which made reading more interesting. This is a great source of information for individuals who are interested in global social work, because it embodies many factors that can affect a client’s current circumstance. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it social workers or to anyone who wants to stay abreast of current events shaping our society.”
    Cailyn Henderson, MSW Candidate
    Department of Social Work, Alabama A&M University