Cognella Series on Student Success

Student success isn’t always measured in straight A’s.

Many students arrive at college believing that if they study hard and earn top grades, their higher education experience will be a success. Few recognize that some of their greatest learning opportunities will take place outside the classroom. Learning how to manage stress, navigate new relationships, or put together a budget can be just as important as acing a pop quiz.

The Cognella Series on Student Success is a collection of books designed to help you develop the essential life and learning skills needed to support a happy, healthy, and productive higher education experience. Featuring topics suggested by fellow students and books written by experts, the series offers research-based, yet practical advice to help you navigate new challenges and succeed throughout your college experience.

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Check out the Student Success video series!

Alexander Street, a ProQuest company, partnered with Cognella to create informative, 20-minute videos based on the topics addressed in the Cognella Series on Student Success. Preview the Student Success video series, which is available through Academic Video Online.

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