Seidy Cruz: Publisher - Foreign Languages

Seidy Cruz head shotI have been fortunate to be a part of Cognella Academic Publishing for almost 20 years. During my tenure, I have overseen content development and managed projects in almost all capacities. Nothing makes me happier than conceiving a plan with an author to one day holding a beautiful, well-crafted book in my hand that makes a difference in students’ lives. It’s why I am in publishing.

It is my pleasure to now work with our authors looking to publish in Foreign Languages. I am trilingual and during these past few years, I have also developed a specialty and a fondness for foreign language books and will be specializing primarily in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

I enjoy working to develop content and appreciate the diversity of my projects. The titles below reflect Cognella’s commitment to publishing quality texts by notable authors in multiple disciplines and a sampling of my contribution to our catalog.

If you’re interested in discussing any project ideas, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at or call 858-552-1120 x512.

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  1. Puntos de encuentro
    A Cross-Cultural Approach to Advanced Spanish (Second Edition)
    By María J. de la Fuente with contributions from Beatriz Cobeta
  2. Ethics and Vulnerable Elders
    The Quest for Individual Rights and a Just Society (First Edition)
    Written and edited by Pamela Teaster, Candace Heisler, and Georgia Anetzberger
  3. Deviance, Morality, and Power
    Making Sense of a Fractured America (First Edition)
    Devereaux Kennedy
  4. Paris and Its Revolutionary Ideas
    A Guide to French Culture and the Capital (First Edition)
    Suzanne LaLonde
  5. Amigos de la comunidad
    Curso de aprendizaje-servicio en español (First Edition)
    Julia Oliver Rajan
  6. El cine en el aula de español
    una propuesta pedagógica (First Edition)
    Diego R. Batista, Ph.D.
  7. Representations of Stereotypical Images in Popular Culture
    A Critical Approach (First Edition)
    Written and edited by Leslie Baker Kimmons

9 Items

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