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Functions in Mathematics: Introductory Explorations for Secondary School TeachersBy Mark Daniels and Efraim P. Armendariz
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Functions in Mathematics

Introductory Explorations for Secondary School Teachers
By Mark Daniels and Efraim P. Armendariz

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-168-8, 100 pages


When discussing the mathematical knowledge of elementary school teachers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics concludes that teachers must have a deep understanding of mathematics and be able to easily draw on that knowledge with flexibility in their teaching tasks. Mathematics teachers must understand the big ideas of mathematics and be able to represent mathematics as a coherent and connected endeavor.

This inquiry and exploration-based workbook has been designed as a tool for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers to use as a guidebook for “doing mathematics” and exploring mathematics topics in depth. The lessons chosen for this text serve as a function-based approach that connects important topics in the secondary mathematics curriculum and act as a bridge to university-level mathematics.

Whether used as a course text or for individual professional development purposes, this book should be approached from the standpoint of discovery and reflection about the significance of the selected topics. It is the authors’ hope that the explorations contained within serve as vehicles for classroom discussion and presentation of mathematics topics, or as starting points for further investigation.

Efraim Armendariz Efraim P. Armendariz (1938 – 2013) was an algebraist and professor of mathematics at the University of Texas, Austin. Professor Armendariz devoted much of his career to enhancing the content knowledge of undergraduate and graduate mathematics students as well as both pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers.
Mark Daniels Mark L. Daniels is a clinical professor of mathematics in the UTeach Natural Sciences Program at the University of Texas, Austin. Professor Daniels’ mathematical interests include discrete deterministic chaos, inquiry-based instruction in undergraduate mathematics, and the development of secondary mathematics teachers.

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