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Developmental AlgebraBY PAUL PIERCE
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Developmental Algebra

Intermediate—Preparing for College Mathematics
By Paul Pierce

Spiral Bound ISBN: 978-1-60927-927-1, 224 pages


Developmental Algebra: Intermediate is a text that aims to prepare students for success in college-level mathematics courses. By focusing on skills development, this book helps students develop a strong foundation of algebra skills that they can build upon. Designed to be a combination of a textbook and notebook, students are given space to take notes directly within the text. This book is also lightweight and spiral bound for ease of use in the classroom. This is an essential text for instructors of developmental math courses.

Teaching Resources
Developmental Algebra: Intermediate is a unique text that contains a variety of invaluable features for adopting instructors:

  • Straightforward outline that cuts down on class preparation time
  • Logical organization that ensures the materials flow smoothly in class
  • Power Point slides are available that run parallel to the text

Paul Pierce has been teaching mathematics for over 18 years since earning a master's degree in mathematics at Texas Tech University. He has taught the range of courses from basic math through calculus. He has taught developmental mathematics at Texas Tech University, Midwestern State University, and South Plains College. Professor Pierce is currently the mathematics coordinator for the TSI Skills Development Program at Texas Tech University. He has also published three other textbooks on developmental mathematics.

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