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Developmental AlgebraBy Paul Pierce
    Print $82.95 $65.95

Developmental Algebra

Beginning and Intermediate—Preparing for College Mathematics (Second Edition)
By Paul Pierce

Spiral Bound ISBN: 978-1-60927-346-0, 359 pages


This book is designed to be a combination of a textbook and a notebook. If the instructor chooses to follow the outline of the book, there is space provided in the book for the student to take notes. Students are encouraged to highlight and annotate the book as needed. By using the textbook in this way, the students have their textbook and notes all in one convenient package. The book is bound like a spiral notebook for ease of use in the classroom. Because it is much lighter than most college math books, it is easier to carry around. For instructors who wish to follow the outline in the book, there is much less preparation required to teach the course.

The purpose of Developmental Algebra is skills development. The material in this book is intended to establish a strong foundation of algebra skills that can be built upon, with lessons designed to prepare the student for success in a college-level mathematics course.

Paul Pierce has been teaching mathematics for over 18 years since earning a master's degree in mathematics at Texas Tech University. He has taught the range of courses from basic math through calculus. He has taught developmental mathematics at Texas Tech University, Midwestern State University, and South Plains College. Professor Pierce is currently the mathematics coordinator for the TSI Skills Development Program at Texas Tech University. He has also published three other textbooks on developmental mathematics.

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