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Introduction to Digital Logic DesignRajiv Kapadia

Introduction to Digital Logic Design

(First Edition)
By Rajiv Kapadia

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-320-8, 230 pages


An excellent introduction to the digital world in engineering, Introduction to Digital Logic Design explains the simple concepts behind digital logic design from logic gates all the way to the design of sequential machines.

Over the course of the eight chapters of the book students explore number systems and codes, simple logic states, boolean algebra, working with logic equations, and simplifying logic functions. They also work with arithmetic in binary systems, common combinational logic functions, counters, and sequential logic. Each chapter includes practical problems that allow for immediate application of the skills and concepts. All material is based on extensive class testing.

Simple yet rigorous, Introduction to Digital Logic Design helps first-semester students see the big picture in logic design and doesn't overwhelm them with extraneous details. The text is suitable for first-year engineering, computer science, and information science courses.

Rajiv Kapadia earned his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Kapadia is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and technology at Minnesota State University, Mankato.