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Introduction to Civil EngineeringSheng-Taur Mau and Sami Maalouf

Introduction to Civil Engineering

A Student's Guide to Academic and Professional Success (Revised First Edition)
By S. T. Mau and Sami Maalouf

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-004-8, 146 pages


Coming Soon
The Second Edition will be published Spring 2017. ISBN: 978-1-5165-0695-8

Designed for introductory courses, Introduction to Civil Engineering serves as both a textbook and a professional guide. It addresses all aspects of education and professional preparation for civil engineers, beginning with major technical areas and attributes and concluding with hiring opportunities.

The first chapters of the text cover the scope of civil engineering, common core curriculum, and the skills and tools needed to succeed as a civil engineering student. Included is a clear description of the Fundamentals of Engineering exam taken by students in the senior year.

The book then discusses landmarks and milestones in civil engineering, and the human stories behind them. It then turns to engineering ethics starting with student ethics, academic honesty, and appropriate classroom behavior.

The final chapter details hiring opportunities in private companies and public agencies, advanced studies, and opportunities outside the field. The Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, the final step before licensing, is described in some detail.

Written to inspire and empower students pursuing a B.S. in civil engineering, Introduction to Civil Engineering is an excellent textbook for an introductory civil engineering course.

S. T. Mau earned his Ph.D. in structural engineering at Cornell University. He was Dean of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Mau has published widely on structural mechanics and earthquake engineering. His latest textbook, Introduction to Structural Engineering, was published in 2012.
Sami Maalouf earned his Ph.D. in civil engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Maalouf is currently teaching at California State University, Northridge. He is a licensed engineer with more than 23 years of professional consulting civil, structural and municipal engineering experience.