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Experiments in Materials Science and EngineeringTARIQ A. KHRAISHI AND MARWAN S. AL-HAIK
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Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering

By Tariq A. Khraishi and Marwan S. Al-Haik

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-868-7, 134 pages


Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering combines traditional and modern experiments to teach undergraduate student laboratories in material science, materials engineering and engineering mechanics. Complete with illustrations, figures and equations, this book delivers timely, rich, and engaging reading experience to students. Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering is ideal for professors looking for a text that provides versatile teaching materials that can be easily tailored to suit their specific class setting.

Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering incorporates a variety of unique features:

  • Experiments that are not typical in curricula, including paper towel tension testing, powder metallurgy and nano-indentation
  • A chapter on technical report writing that helps standardize the lab reports generated by students
  • A "To Do List" in each chapter that replaces the instructor's need to create points that the students need to address in their reports

Tariq Khraishi Tariq Khraishi is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. His research work is in the areas of mechanics and materials science, as well as in the scholarship of teaching and learning. In particular, he has been involved in modeling, theoretical and experimental research in biomechanics, dislocation dynamics, eigenstrain theory and modeling, fracture mechanics, nanomaterials, composites, irradiation damage in materials, void growth and interaction in superplastic materials, heteroepitaxy and stresses in thin films, as well as active learning in engineering courses. He is a fellow of ASME and has published over 100 refereed works, including another textbook on materials science/engineering.

Marwan Al-Haik is an Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at the Virginia Polytechnic and State University. His research interests are primarily on the synthesis, characterization and constitutive modeling of nanomaterials. His research employs carbon nanotubes for drug delivery and ceramic nanoparticles as dental fillers. He is also an expert in mechanical testing of different materials at the nanoscale using indentation, scratch, nanocreep, and nanoimpact. The National Science Foundation honored him with one of its prestigious CAREER award to study the next generation of multifunctional composites for radiations and impact hazards mitigation.

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