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Engineer Practices for PIC Microcontrollers & the ATMEL CPLD Salvatore R. Riggio Jr.

Engineer Practices for PIC Microcontrollers & the ATMEL CPLD

(Revised First Edition)
Prof. Sal R. Riggio Jr., PhD, PE

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-150-8, 632 pages


Engineering Practices for the PIC Microcontroller and the Atmel CPLD educates readers about the process that is followed to make practical use of Microcontrollers and Complex Programmable Logic Devices. Virtually every product, new or old, contains microcontrollers and Complex Programmable Logic Devices. They can be found in everything from household appliances to body-building equipment, from solar-cell based power generators to hospital beds. Microcontrollers and CPLDs perform supervisory control and monitoring functions. They allow users to conveniently alter the state or operation of a product. They can also provide effective safety alert mechanisms.

This book demonstrates specific techniques for creating an electrical hardware interface between discrete and integrated analog circuits, and the Microcontroller and CPLDs. Since a strong understanding of Assembly Code is necessary to acquire working knowledge of Microcontrollers and CPLDs, this book strongly emphasizes the use of an exciting and powerful programming language known as PICBasic-Pro.

The book begins with an introduction to the contents of the PIC Microcontroller and the Atmel CPLD Experiment Board. The ten chapters cover topics such as:

  • Learning Assembly Code
  • The Digital Voltage Regulator and Digital Electronic Thermometer
  • The 12C Real-Time Programmable Clock/Calendar
  • Frequency, Phase and Amplitude Modulation
  • Oscillators and Important Microcontroller Interface Circuits

In addition, the book has several appendices that provide programming language data sheets, manuals, and coded examples. The appendices also have schematics, bills-of-materials, and circuit board layouts for Experiment Boards and Lab Boards.

Engineering Practices for the PIC Microcontroller and the Atmel CPLD assists and instructs both engineering students and practicing electrical engineers.

Salvatore Riggio Sal R. Riggio Jr. received his Ph.D from Florida Atlantic University. He holds a Registered Engineering License in Florida, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. Currently Dr. Riggio is a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department of Penn State University, where he teaches a broad range of undergraduate courses. Prior to his teaching career, Dr. Riggio worked for IBM for 26 years designing, developing and analyzing both discrete and integrated analog and digital circuits for use in the IBM personal computer and High Power Switching Power Supplies. In addition he has designed power electronic equipment for swimming pools, and worked as a design and development consultant for ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation of Pittsburgh. Dr. Riggio holds 15 US patents, and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.