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Guided Inquiry Explorations into Organic and Biochemistry Julie K. Abrahamson
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Guided Inquiry Explorations into Organic and Biochemistry

(Revised First Edition)
By Julie K. Abrahamson

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-112-0, 130 pages


This book takes students from the basic beginnings to a more thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts in organic and biochemistry. The concepts in this textbook are presented in small segments in a form that encourages students to explore and discover patterns and ideas. Diagrams, models, chemical reaction equations, and tables are used to present the information. A step-by-step series of critical thinking questions follows each section to guide the student to important observations and to encourage students to work as a group to confirm the answers. Each activity begins with a list of prerequisite concepts and learning objectives. The activity concludes with exercises that reinforce, expand, and extend the concepts presented. The topics covered range from the basics of naming the simplest organic compounds to the applications of the principles of organic chemistry to biochemical molecules and processes.

Julie K. Abrahamson, B.A. Bethany College, Kansas (1979), Ph.D. University of Oklahoma (1984), has been teaching general and introductory chemistry courses at the University of North Dakota since 1992. Her emphasis has been in courses intended for pre-nursing students, where she has become well acquainted with their needs and challenges as they learn chemistry. In 2006, a workshop in Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning introduced new insights into alternatives to traditional lecture methods. Since that time, Abrahamson has used Guided Inquiry approaches in her courses where possible, and has worked to develop new materials suited for these courses.