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Integrating Lecture and LabLeslie A. King

Integrating Lecture and Lab

A General Biology Laboratory Manual (Revised Second Edition)
By Leslie A. King

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-172-4, 176 pages


Coming Soon
The Third Edition will be published Fall 2018. ISBN: 978-1-5165-1792-3

Integrating Lecture and Lab: A General Biology Laboratory Manual is designed for students majoring in Biology, and can be used in conjunction with many different lower-division biology textbooks. The user-friendly manual encourages students to think of lecture and lab as a cohesive unit. This is accomplished by requiring them to use the information they are learning in lecture and the material presented in the manual, including standard experiments, to complete assignments. One half of the manual covers taxonomy and the other half is devoted to introductory comparative physiology. Because classification of organisms can vary from textbook to textbook, many formal taxa have been eliminated from this manual. Students complete taxonomy assignments based on information they receive in class lectures and from their lecture textbook, which is what makes this manual usable with a variety of lower-division biology texts in a variety of general biology courses.

Classroom tested, Integrating Lecture and Lab helps biology students successfully apply information they learn in their lectures.

Teaching Resources
Adopting professors will receive a laboratory preparation guide and a question-and-answer teaching edition of the manual.

Leslie A. King (M.A., Physiology, San Francisco State University) is an Instructor of Biology at the University of San Francisco, where she teaches Human Physiology and has taught both General Biology lecture and lab courses. In writing Integrating Lecture and Lab: A General Biology Laboratory Manual, she also drew upon over 17 years of experience in supervising and coordinating undergraduate Biology laboratory sections and laboratory instructors.