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Cell and Molecular Biology Study GuideMark Running

Cell and Molecular Biology Study Guide

(First Edition)
By Mark Running

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-402-3, 124 pages


Clear, concise, and well-organized, the Cell and Molecular Biology Study Guide is an excellent learning tool for students of cellular and molecular biology.

The sixteen chapters of the book follow a logical progression beginning with an introduction to cells and concluding with an overview of current techniques in cellular and molecular biology. Each brief chapter effectively separates core concepts, clarifying each individually and creating a set of building blocks that allow students to fully comprehend one aspect of the subject matter before moving on to the next.

Topics in the guide include:
  • Bioenergetics, Enzymes, and Metabolism
  • The Plasma Membrane
  • The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
  • DNA Replication and Repair
  • Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction
The book also covers aerobic respiration and mitochondria, photosynthesis, and the chloroplast, the nature of the gene and genome, gene expression, and cellular reproduction.

Accessible and informative, Cell and Molecular Biology Study Guide can be used as a companion to standard textbooks in the field. It is also a useful reference tool for students new to the discipline or those looking for a quick review of the subject matter.

Mark Running earned his Ph.D. in genetics at the California Institute of Technology and completed postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Running is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky where he teaches courses in developmental, cellular, and molecular biology. In addition to his teaching, he serves on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Dr. Running is the recipient of numerous grants from the National Science Foundation, and was a Howard Hughes Predoctoral Fellow and a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellow.