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Biology: The Tapestry of LifeBy Joelle Presson and Jan Jenner
    Digital $176.95


The Tapestry of Life (Custom Library)
By Jan Jenner and Joelle Presson

 ISBN: 978-1-63189-601-9, 1146 pages


Biology: The Tapestry of Life Custom Library allows you to create a custom non-majors biology text especially tailored for your course. Such specificity enables you and your students to focus on relevant content, applications, and assessments. Authors Jan Jenner (New York University, Talladega College, and University of Alabama at Birmingham) and Joelle Presson (University of Maryland) have developed 35 first-rate chapters (click here to view chapter list) that cover the broad landscape of essential biology. Create your very own Custom Edition of Biology: The Tapestry of Life in four easy steps:

1. Select and order chapters from the Tapestry Custom Library (click here to view chapter list) that suit your course needs.
2. Add additional materials like readings, references, articles, or course schedule.
3. Choose your desired format: Print, digital, or both? Or, simply let your students decide.
4. We create a non-majors biology text personalized for your course.

Teaching Resources
Adopting professors will have access to:
  • Question bank developed and written by the authors. The level of learning for each question is categorized according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Image bank of the original figures for each chapter adopted.
  • Writing prompts developed by the authors, which support an active learning experience for students.
  • Custom-developed chapters by the authors on specific topics (conditions may apply). Contact Cognella to learn more:

Joelle Presson earned her B.S. in Psychology from the University of South Florida and her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Oregon. Currently she teaches at the University of Maryland, where she focuses on teaching biology to non-majors. Her other course offerings have included Introductory Biology for majors in the field, upper-level Neurophysiology, and Neuropharmacology. In addition to teaching, Dr. Presson serves as the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academic Programs in the College of Chemical and Life Sciences, working to develop the curriculum within Biology, as well as across other disciplines.
Jan Jenner earned her Ph.D. in Biology from New York University, studying herpetology under the mentorship of Herndon Dowling. Dr. Jenner's previous professional experience includes serving on the faculty at New York University, where she taught Introductory Biology, Field Biology, and Ecology to more than 300 students each semester. During her time at NYU, Dr. Jenner was the recipient of two teaching awards. She has also taught at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, St. David's School in New York, and Talladega College, Alabama. Dr. Jenner has written several biology textbooks for middle school students, served as an author and developmental editor for numerous educational publications, and authored two college-level biology texts.

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