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Basic MacroeconomicsThomas Kemp

Basic Macroeconomics

(First Edition)
By Thomas Kemp

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-579-1, 270 pages


Basic Macroeconomics covers basic economic principles by teaching economics in the manner of the hard sciences, requiring students to use real data in the application of theory. Students also become familiar with the language of economics as it is used in today's media, which enhances their ability to understand current, real-world economic issues.

The book is cleanly organized and explains the economy's role in society and how it is measured. Students also learn basic macroeconomic abstractions and how to develop and use basic economic models. The text applies these basic modeling techniques and the data to the conventional sectors of the economy including household, business, financial, government, and foreign sectors. The book concludes by examining economic policy and development in today's uncertain world.

Basic Macroeconomics is the rare introductory text that emphasizes student interaction with real economic data and applied theory. The book is written for the freshman economics student in mind but will also prove helpful to the layperson wishing to better understand the field.

Thomas Kemp received a Ph.D. in economics from Colorado State University. Currently Dr. Kemp is a professor of economics at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, where he teaches courses in international trade and finance, public policy, and macroeconomics. His ongoing research interests include economic education, cost and damages estimation, and public policy design. Dr. Kemp has authored several policy papers and published in a variety of journals including the Journal of Economic Issues, Review of Social Economy, and The Review of Social Economics. He is also the author of Progress and Reform: The Economic Thought of John R. Commons.