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Atoms, Nuclei, and Interactions of Ionizing Radiation with MatterC-K Chris Wang

Atoms, Nuclei, and Interactions of Ionizing Radiation with Matter

(First Edition)
By C-K Chris Wang

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-1439-7, 400 pages


Intended for graduate-level introductory courses in nuclear physics and radiation interaction, Atoms, Nuclei, and Interactions of Ionizing Radiation with Matter gives students the foundation needed to study specialized subjects such as nuclear reactor physics, radiation transport methods, radiation detection, and radiation dosimetry.

The text discusses the modern physics relevant to radiation interaction beginning with a condensed examination of nuclear physics and radioactive decay. There is an examination of nuclear reaction kinematics and how the different types of radiation engage in various types of nuclear or atomic interactions with matter. The interaction probability is discussed in term of “cross section.” Both classical mechanics and wave mechanics are used to derive the cross section formulas. Specific examples are given when classical mechanics breaks down and quantum mechanics prevails.

Extensively class-tested, the material in Atoms, Nuclei, and Interactions of Ionizing Radiation with Matter successfully links three closely-related subjects so that they can be taught in a succinct, one-semester course. The book is intended to serve as the primary text for entry-level radiation physics courses for students majoring in nuclear engineering, health physics, or medical physics.

C-K Chris Wang, who earned his Ph.D. at Ohio State University, is a professor of nuclear engineering and medical physics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Dr. Wang has published extensively in neutron dosimetry, detection, spectrometry, and radiobiological modeling. His other areas of expertise include nuclear physics, radiation interaction, Monte Carlo methods in radiation transport, radiation protection and shielding, nuclear criticality safety, micro/nanodosimetry, and high-LET radiotherapy.