Research Methods in Social Work

(Seventh Edition)
David Royse
Paperback, 530 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-0718-4 ©2017
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Research Methods in Social Work

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    Research Methods in Social Work prepares social work students to think in terms of evidence-based practice by involving them in relevant, contemporary studies demonstrating various aspects of research methodology. The book uses an innovative story approach of two students engaged in internships who are asked to design a program and evaluate it in their practicum, and uses this method to show how research decisions and activities take place in their day-to-day work.

    Readers learn how research can inform them about the effectiveness of interventions, how data can influence policy, and how enhanced measurement of client problems and program evaluation can influence the course of programs and agencies. Specific topics include ethical thinking and research, developing questionnaires and instruments for action research, using Excel for single system research designs and statistical procedures, and techniques for selecting client and community samples. Each chapter includes self-review questions to prompt reflection and anxiety checks that help students assess their responses to what they are learning.

    Research Methods in Social Work successfully makes the case for using research methods in social work practice, prepares students to be informed consumers of research, and gives them the tools to evaluate their own practices and programs.

    David Royse, Ph.D. , is a professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. He received his master’s degree in social work from the University of Louisville and his doctorate degree in social work from Ohio State University. Dr. Royse has authored or co-authored eight books and over 75 articles and book chapters addressing various topics in social work, health care, child welfare, and program evaluation.
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