Reflections on Interpersonal Communication Research

(First Edition)
Steven R. Wilson and Sandi W. Smith
Paperback, 430 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-3042-7 ©2019
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Reflections on Interpersonal Communication Research

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    In Reflections on Interpersonal Communication Research, interpersonal scholars share the stories of their research programs, providing readers with a captivating exploration of the latest developments in the field. Through this unique lens, readers learn how scholars are addressing real-world issues, as well as the complex role interpersonal communication plays in our world today.

    This innovative collection brings together cutting-edge research from a variety of scholars in the discipline, illustrating the expansive reach and infinite applications of this exciting field of study. Readers discover groundbreaking applications of interpersonal communication theories and concepts to family, health, intercultural, organizational, political, and mediated communication. Specific studies explore the effects of language brokering with immigrant children, the impact of verbal and nonverbal behavior on family identity, how cultural ideologies can shape reactions to long-distance relationships, how interpersonal theories are helping prepare Doctor of Pharmacy students for the communication work of patient care, and much more.

    Reflections on Interpersonal Communication Research is an intriguing and highly practical examination of the theory and research being developed in the discipline today. The book is ideal for graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses in interpersonal communication, relational communication, communication theory, and for scholars in the field.

    Steven R. Wilson is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of South Florida and a faculty affiliate with the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University. He earned his Ph.D. in communication from Purdue University. Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on processes of influence and identity management in family, health, and workplace contexts.
    Sandi W. Smith is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University. She received her Ph.D. in communication from the University of Southern California. Dr. Smith’s research focuses on persuasion, communication theory, and interpersonal communication in health and criminal justice contexts.