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Public SpeakingBy Steven D. Cohen

Public Speaking

The Path to Success (First Edition)
By Steven D. Cohen

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-806-9, 184 pages


Coming Soon
The Second Edition will be published Spring 2018. ISBN: 978-1-5165-1001-6

This book is a terrific guide for every speaker who wants to learn how to lead through speech. A master speaker himself, Steven Cohen offers valuable strategies for preparing and presenting speeches that connect with listeners. This is a 'must-have' book for speakers who are serious about their professional presence.
–Andrew D. Wolvin, Professor, Department of Communication, University of Maryland

Steven captures his own inspirational presentation style by speaking directly to his readers. He makes them want to become better public speakers, and he gives them the tools to do it.
–Marie Danziger, Director, Communications Program, Harvard Kennedy School

Public Speaking: The Path to Success explores the techniques that powerful public speakers use to design and deliver speeches that captivate their audience members. The book takes students on a personal journey of discovery that makes them think about their default public speaking behaviors and challenges them to improve their public speaking skills. It doesn't simply repackage old ideas: it introduces students to a unique set of insights and techniques that they can use right away to become more effective public speakers.

While most public speaking books discuss preparation fundamentals and basic speaking techniques, Public Speaking: The Path to Success guides students through an exciting array of advanced construction and delivery concepts and illustrates how these concepts are used in practice. It is a must-read for students who want to speak powerfully from the podium and motivate their audience members to act.

Cognella Academic Publishing has released On the Path to Success: Readings and Resources to support the material in Public Speaking: The Path to Success. Please contact us to request more information about available bundling discounts.

Steven D. Cohen

Steven D. Cohen is an award-winning speaker who teaches public speaking at the University of Maryland and Harvard Extension School. He is well known for delivering dynamic, interactive courses and workshops that help participants improve their public speaking skills in real time. An expert on speech delivery, Steven researches and writes about the techniques that professional speakers use to design and deliver powerful messages.

Steven earned a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and an Advanced Toastmaster designation from Toastmasters International. To learn more about Steven, please visit

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