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Principles of Occupational Safety ManagementRon Dotson, Troy Rawlins, Earl Blair, and Scott Rockwell

Principles of Occupational Safety Management

(First Edition)
Ron Dotson, Troy Rawlins, Earl Blair, and Scott Rockwell

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0782-5, 218 pages


A foundational textbook, Principles of Occupational Safety Management combines outstanding scholarly source material with original experience-based writing to lay out the principles of managing occupational safety.

The text begins by outlining the history of the field. The subsequent eleven chapters discuss both the tangible and intangible aspects of safety management. Specific topics include fire behavior, OSHA record-keeping procedures, safety training strategies, how to recognize hazards, threats, and vulnerabilities, how to conduct investigations, and how to establish a safety management system. Students also learn about the principles of safety leadership, the links between behavior and culture, and the human factors in safety management.

Carefully curated and written by experts in their respective fields, Principles of Occupational Safety Management is ideal for occupational safety courses, hazard recognition program management, and investigational courses that address appropriate handling of involved persons.

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Ronald Dotson earned his Ed.D. in educational leadership at Eastern Kentucky University, where he is currently an associate professor of occupational safety.
Earl Blair, who holds an Ed.D. in vocational education, is an associate professor at Eastern Kentucky University and a certified safety professional with over 15 years of occupational safety management experience.
Scott Rockwell earned his Ph.D in fire protection engineering. A faculty member at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, he teaches fire behavior and combustion, and fire dynamics.
Troy Rawlins is an assistant professor at Eastern Kentucky University and holds an Ed.D. in leadership in education. He has worked in occupational safety for over 16 years in regulatory and voluntary compliance as well as higher education capacities.