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Homeland and National Security

Understanding America's Past to Protect the Future (First Edition)
Dr. Monique M. Maldonado

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“This book covers a lot of complex subjects in a digestible, understandable way. Dr. Maldonado methodically reviews how the uniquely American concepts of national security and homeland security have evolved both before and after the birth of our Republic. She then develops and explains how the two concepts intersect and overlap, especially since the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001. By so doing, she suggests ways by which we might better confront emerging 21st century threats to American security.”
Robert O. Work, 32nd United States Deputy Secretary of Defense

Homeland and National Security: Understanding America's Past to Protect the Future examines the events that have led to the establishment of the Department of Defense and how national security has changed since then. The September 11, 2001 attacks on American soil resulted in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the country's third largest Cabinet-level department, highlighting homeland security as another primary objective in protecting the nation.

Early chapters provide historical perspective, describing the nature and practice of national security from the American Revolutionary War through the post-Cold War era. The latter half of the book provides a detailed examination of homeland and national security concepts as we now understand it, which includes consideration of traditional terrorism, homegrown terrorism, innovative terrorism, natural disasters, conflict, specific statutes, initiatives, and agencies, and the roles of intelligence, emergency preparedness, and communications.

Each chapter includes key terms, learning objectives, case studies, application activities, and a quiz. Homeland and National Security can be used in courses of political science, domestic and international terrorism, homeland security, emergency management, international relations, national security, homeland security strategy, policy, and specific aspects of criminal justice. The book will also be of interest to government agencies dealing with security issues, and lay readers interested in a critical area of American policy.

A former antiterrorism instructor for the United States Air force, Dr. Monique M. Maldonado served over thirteen years of active duty service specializing in cyber-security, knowledge operations, and security management. She earned a Ph.D. in public policy at Walden University, where she focused on terrorism, mediation, and peace. Dr. Maldonado teaches at American Public University System as an associate professor for the School of Security and Global Studies. She is also a lead adjunct professor for the School of Graduate and Degree Completions Programs in criminal justice at Tiffin University and an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, Dr. Maldonado is pursuing a doctorate in forensic psychology at the Eisner Institute of Professional Studies.