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Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and InformationAmit M. Schejter and Sangyong Han
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Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Information

Law, Policy, and Regulation (Revised Edition)
Edited by Dr. Amit M. Schejter and Sangyong Han

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-197-3, 462 pages


Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Information: Law, Policy, and Regulation introduces students to basic concepts of economics, law, competition, and regulatory governance, and to the fundamentals of communications and antitrust policy. The anthology addresses the challenges confronting regulators, practitioners, and the public as a result of the convergence of information technologies and examines the impact these technologies have on democracy and quality of life.

Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Information is divided into three primary chapters. The first is devoted to principles, institutions, and values in the industry. The second focuses on regulation of content, and the third discusses the regulation of technology. Specific topics include:

  • Indecency Regulation
  • Political Speech
  • Interconnection Oversight
  • Network Neutrality
  • Media Ownership
  • The Role of Public and Educational Broadcasting

Short introductions provide contextual background for each of the selected readings.

Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Information is for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in telecommunications. The book develops familiarity with the field and increases understanding of the specific rules and regulations that underlie governmental policy intervention.

Amit M. Schejter earned his Ph.D. at Rutgers University. He is currently an associate professor of communications and the co-director of the Institute for Information Policy in the College of Communications at Penn State University. Professor Schejter's books, law reviews, and academic studies on communications policy have been presented and published worldwide in four languages.
Sangyong Han earned his M.A. at Indiana University. He is currently a doctoral candidate and research fellow at the Institute for Information Policy at Penn State's College of Communications. He has held both marketing and managerial positions in the Korean telecommunications industry.