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Introduction to Mass CommunicationJoshua Dickhaus and Sara Baker Netzley

Introduction to Mass Communication

People, Platforms, and Practices (First Edition)
Anthology edited by Joshua Dickhaus and Sara Baker Netzley

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0334-6, 344 pages


Introduction to Mass Communication: People, Platforms, and Practices features readings that prompt students to reflect on and discuss diverse topics in communication disciplines, ethics, and history. Students learn about major subject areas in communication, such as journalism and strategic communication, as well as various platforms including print, radio, film, comic books, television, video games, and social media.

Each chapter features one or two readings that give students a sense of the history, practices, changes, and challenges within a specific area. The selections are organized into five primary units that cover the nature of mass communication, public reception of media, traditional methods of media engagement, modern mediums of engagement, and the impact and influence of global media. Specific topics include media convergence, participatory culture, media literacy, and censorship.

Each chapter includes an original introduction that places the readings in appropriate context for students who are new to the discipline. Rich in factual information about a field that has enormous reach and economic influence, yet remains intensely personal in its uses and impact on users, Introduction to Mass Communication is an appropriate textbook for introductory communication courses.

Joshua Dickhaus holds a Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of Alabama. Dr. Dickhaus is a faculty member at Bradley University, where he teaches courses within the sports communication major.
Sara Baker Netzley earned her Ph.D. in mass communication and media arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. A faculty member at Bradley University, Dr. Netzley teaches and advises students who are studying journalism.