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Food, Love, FamilyMaya Adam

Food, Love, Family

A Practical Guide to Child Nutrition (First Edition)
By Maya Adam

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-370-4, 216 pages


Food, Love, Family: A Practical Guide to Child Nutrition explores the many facets of healthy eating for families around the world. The book summarizes the latest scientific findings and medical recommendations while providing practical tips and real-life examples of how to make wise food choices with the available resources. Readers learn about the nutrients needed to support growth and how to prepare simple, healthy foods that are appealing to children.

With a foreword by Jamie Oliver, the chapters discuss infant feeding, the introduction of solid food to babies, and how parents and caregivers can teach children to love foods that will help them thrive. The guide also discusses school lunches around the world and the role of the family meal.

Readers become aware of the impact of food marketing on children, how to manage food allergies, childhood obesity, the growing concern over environmental sustainability in food production, and the importance of prenatal nutrition.

Designed to serve as a handbook, Food, Love, Family is geared to students seeking a solid introduction to the interrelationships between nutrition and child health. Filled with accessible language and easily implemented suggestions, it will also provide practical skills to parents and caregivers of young children around the world.

Maya Adam, M.D., is a former professional ballet dancer who now lectures at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the Program in Human Biology. She has been teaching courses on child health and nutrition since 2009. In addition to her work in the classroom, Dr. Adam produces on-line health education content for medical students, undergraduates, and the general public. Dr. Adam is the founder of Just Cook for Kids, a non-profit organization that creates and shares educational videos on healthy eating and cooking for families.

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