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Ethics and the FamilyCzeslaw Karkowski

Ethics and the Family

(Revised First Edition)
Edited by Czeslaw Karkowski

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0943-0, 236 pages


Ethics and the Family uses both historical and contemporary sources to discuss various issues related to the family. Contributors to the anthology span the centuries, but all share the ability to focus in on core concepts related to ethics and the family as viewed from diverse perspectives.

Clear and direct in voice, the text uses high-interest material to give undergraduate students an overview of the elements that are important in analyzing family issues. The selected readings investigate the history and transformation of the family, its place and role in society, the functions of family, and how family morals vary depending on time and social structure.

The text explores topics such alternative frames and pathologies of the modern family, family planning and parenthood, and issues that impact families including alcoholism, drugs, violence, and aging. Through thoughtful consideration of the material students will find out how today's moral issues were solved in the past, and how some of those solutions yielded new social and ethical problems.

Ethics and the Family is designed for undergraduate courses in the behavioral sciences.

Czeslaw Karkowski earned his Ph.D. in philosophy as a student in Poland and went on to publish essays, novels, and scholarly texts in Polish. He has continued to contribute to scholarly and popular magazines in the United States and has served as an adjunct professor at both Mercy College and Hunter College in New York.