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An Overview of Child Care Center ManagementColleen Fawcett

An Overview of Child Care Center Management

(First Edition)
Edited by Dr. Colleen Fawcett

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-2089-3, 338 pages


The anthology An Overview of Child Care Center Management features outstanding articles that are directly related to the assignments required for credentialing.

The material is organized into three primary sections covering administrative organization, financial and legal issues, and childcare and educational programming. Specific topics include writing a center philosophy and mission statement, conducting evaluations, developing a budget and marketing plan, complying with employment law and health and safety guidelines, designing curriculum and learning activities, and planning a system of parent support.

Chapters can be taught in any order, which allows instructors to tailor their programs of instruction. Each chapter includes discussion questions that promote critical thinking and student engagement. An Overview of Child Care Center Management was developed specifically to meet the needs of students pursuing a director's credential program in the state of Florida but can be used in any credential program. The book is particularly well-suited to classes in child care center management and early childhood development.

Teaching Resources
Adopting instructors will receive an adoption letter, sample syllabus, PowerPoint slides and a test bank.

Colleen Fawcett earned her Ph.D. in early childhood education at the International University of Costa Rica. Dr. Fawcett is now a faculty member at Palm Beach State College where she teaches courses in early childhood language arts, fine arts and movement, conflict resolution, child care center management, and child growth and development.