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Global SustainabilityMark White and Phoebe Crisman

Global Sustainability

(First Edition)
Edited by Mark White and Phoebe Crisman

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-977-1, 296 pages


The anthology Global Sustainability is a comprehensive, highly readable introduction to sustainability that addresses the major challenges to achieving a sustainable world.

The text is divided into sections that explore the state of the planet, the role of ethics in sustainability, law and policy, design and production, and consumption and personal behavior. In addition, students will read about sustainability as it relates to specific aspects of the environment and planet such as water and energy usage, food, human health, architecture, and commerce.

Specific topics include the next Industrial Revolution, the business case for a green economy, the impact of green culture on the evolution of architecture, and what city-dwellers can do to achieve sustainable food consumption. These engage students and help them consider sustainability as something that touches human existence from the smallest food choice to the greatest, most innovative technological development.

Global Sustainability is designed for introductory courses in sustainability, environmental studies, and global development. It is also an excellent ancillary to more discipline-focused courses, e.g., business, finance, architecture and urban planning, with readings that work well as stand-alone introductions to the various topics.

Mark White holds a Ph.D. in finance from Michigan State University. Dr. White is an associate professor of commerce and Director of the McIntire Business Institute at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He also holds a visiting professorship in environmental economics at the Technische Universität Dresden.
Phoebe Crisman earned her Master of Architecture degree in urban design at Harvard University. She is an associate professor and the Associate Dean for Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. She is also a principal of Crisman+Petrus Architects and the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters.