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Ethics for Environmental PolicyBerry Crawford

Ethics for Environmental Policy

An Integrated, Life-Centered Approach (First Edition)
By Berry Crawford

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-728-9, 292 pages


Coming Soon
The Second Edition will be published Winter 2017. ISBN: 978-1-5165-1120-4

Ethics for Environmental Policy develops a mutually reinforcing set of life-centered decision principles and virtues, and provides practical guidance on the application of the proposed principles in public policy decision-making and in practices central to the cultivation of virtues considered to be hallmarks of good planetary citizenship.

The first chapter examines conceptions of nature held by writers from various religious and intellectual traditions and, drawing from a wide range of commentaries on how humans ought to see themselves in relation to the broader natural order, identifies primary elements of an attitude of respect.

Subsequent chapters critically examine positions and arguments related to the question of the moral standing of non-human biotic entities, the rightful treatment of animals, and the ethical requirements of natural resource protection, preservation, and sustainable use.

The book concludes by presenting a model for applying the proposed life-centered decision principles. An appendix provides materials for classroom use of the model in conjunction with a case study.

Ethics for Environmental Policy is designed for use in environmental ethics courses. It can also be used in conservation biology and ecology courses that emphasize the connection between ethics and policy issues.

Berry Crawford is a former philosophy professor whose life's work has dealt with issues at the intersection of ethics, public policy, and business. In addition to his career in academia, Dr. Crawford served as the director of policy research at the Western Governors Policy Office, and as a member of the White House intergovernmental affairs staff. He also worked in corporate development at Amtrak, and as a consultant in major management consulting firms. Having taught at the University of Colorado, Utah State University, and High Point University, Dr. Crawford now enjoys teaching part-time at Western Washington University.