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Multicultural EducationAnna Wolford

Multicultural Education

Teaching and Learning in the Global Village (First Edition)
Edited by Anna B. Wolford

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0010-9, 226 pages


The overarching message of Multicultural Education: Teaching and Learning in the Global Village is that knowledge comes from many different sources, and future educators must engage with diverse writing styles, methodological approaches, and cultures to prepare for the diversity they will encounter in their classrooms.

The book uses a variety of voices and materials ranging from the scientific to the popular and the conventional to the provocative, to promote classroom discussion and serve as writing prompts on issues related to diversity. Students develop mental flexibility and critical thinking skills through exposure to different opinions, perspectives, and sources of information. To enhance exposure to ideas outside the mainstream, the book includes works by unknown authors and stories from faraway places.

Multicultural Education: Teaching and Learning in the Global Village demonstrates that the best way to study diversity is through a global, interdisciplinary framework rather than a traditional textbook approach. The book is well suited to courses on diversity and multiculturalism, and classes on teaching methods for pre-service teachers.

Anna B. Wolford is a lecturer at the University of Central Florida where she teaches global and cultural studies. She earned her Ph.D. in international and comparative education and her M.Ed. in educational psychology at the University of Toronto. Her recent publications include Globalization: Our World is No Longer Black and White and various articles.