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Learning LearningCharles Tatum

Learning Learning

Facts, Theories, and Principles Student Manual (First Edition)
By B. Charles Tatum

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-953-8, 150 pages


Learning Learning: Facts, Theories, and Principles Student Manual is a guide that helps students most effectively use the main text of the same name. By using the manual, students will have a better understanding of the material and more actively engage with the ideas and concepts.

Each chapter of the manual features key terms, thought questions, and engagement activities such as problem analyses, puzzles, data charting, matrix completion, and hypothesis testing. The chapters also include two sets of sample questions – one set to encourage retention of facts and another to enhance critical thinking.

Students will be motivated by the high-interest content and activities as they explore topics including learning domains, animal learning models such as Pavlovian conditioning and operant conditioning, social and language learning, and the impact of evolution, genetics, and adaptation. Learning Learning is a useful adjunct to the primary text. The books are well-suited to courses in the fields of learning, education, or cognition.

Charles Tatum earned his Ph.D. in research psychology from the University of New Mexico, and went on to teach for twelve years at Cornell College, serving as chair of the psychology department for seven. Currently Dr. Tatum is a full-time faculty member at National University, where he teaches human behavior and administers the M.A. in human behavior. He also teaches learning and industrial/organizational psychology at San Diego State University. Dr. Tatum's research interests include organizational psychology, adult education, and accelerated learning, and he has served as a consultant to both private and public organizations.

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