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How to Teach Math to ChildrenJoohi Lee

How to Teach Math to Children

(Second Edition)
By Joohi Lee

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0347-6, 86 pages


How to Teach Math to Children is based on National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and aims to help early childhood educators understand developmentally appropriate pedagogy in order to promote children’s knowledge and skills. This new edition provides information about how NCTM standards and Common Core Math Standards are aligned.

Over the course of ten chapters readers learn important background information about school mathematics and young learners, and how to help children acquire important math knowledge and skills. The book provides useful, practical information on developing number sense, promoting algebraic thinking, teaching geometry, assessment of student learning, and approaching measurement, data analysis, and probability with young children.

All chapters feature excellent graphic support and all include clear and measurable learning expectations. Each chapter concludes with a reflection note that is specifically designed for pre-service teachers to encourage students to explore learning outside the classroom whether through class observations or technology. How to Teach Math to Children is an excellent resource for courses on early math education and instructional strategies.

Joohi Lee holds a Ph.D. in early childhood education with an emphasis on early math from Indiana State University. Dr. Lee is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas, Arlington. Dr. Lee is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and has over 40 referred practical and research publications.