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Freedom FightersAbul Pitre

Freedom Fighters

Struggles Instituting the Study of Black History in K-12 Education
By Abul Pitre

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-083-4, 188 pages


Abul Pitre's study of African American students and the struggle for Black history in school is a work that demands the attention of educators, parents, school administrators and concerned citizens everywhere in this country.
—From the Foreword by Peter McLaren, UCLA

This is a dynamic book that addresses many critical issues that if critically analyzed would strengthen the fiber of teaching, learning, and leading in this country so that all students may develop to their fullest potential and make a meaningful contribution to the world.
—From Opening Commentary by Rose Duhon-Sells, National Association of Multicultural Education Founder

Freedom Fighters: Struggles Instituting Black History in K-12 Education captures the ongoing struggle to implement multicultural curricula in schools. It details how African American students, caught in the vicious cycle of territorial fights, low test scores, and placed at risk for dropping out of school, experienced self-transformation through the study of Black History. Student leaders describe their experiences with a controversial Black history program that led to the removal of a teacher who used a critical pedagogical approach to teaching.

Drawing from the theoretical constructs found in Afrocentric education, critical pedagogy, and multicultural education, this book introduces a new concept for educating African American students, coined critical Black pedagogy in education. Scholars and leaders, such as Elijah Muhammad, Carter G. Woodson, Paulo Freire, James Banks, and others provide compelling arguments that cogently describe the challenge of educating African American students for liberation. Students, teachers, educational leaders, and others will discover compelling reasons why students, educators and prospective educators need to be introduced to Black History. Using real world examples, this is an ideal book for courses on the foundations of education, multicultural education and critical pedagogy among others. Get a glimpse of how a leader like Malcolm X was educated to become a freedom fighter!

Freedom Fighters: Struggles Instituting Black History in K-12 Education:

  • Documents the origins of the Black Studies and multicultural education.
  • Highlights the need for K-12 schools to institutionalize Black History from an Afrocentered perspective.
  • Provides compelling examples of why educators need courses in critical multicultural education.
  • Captures the student experiences of being exposed to Black History.
  • Incorporates a new approach to Black education coined Critical Black Pedagogy in Education.
  • Entails major aspects of multicultural education such as racism, knowledge construction, critical pedagogy, and religion.
  • Recommends strategies for implementing Black History in K-12 education.

Abul Pitre Dr. Abul Pitre received his Ph.D. from Colorado State University and is currently a professor of educational leadership at Prairie View A&M University. His current research interests are in the areas of multicultural education for school leaders, critical educational theory, and the educational philosophy of Elijah Muhammad. He was appointed Edinboro University’s first named professor for his work in African-American education and held the distinguished title of the Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.

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