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Farrakhan and EducationDr. Abul Pitre

Farrakhan and Education

A Human Development Approach
By Dr. Abul Pitre

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-516-7, 146 pages


Coming Soon
The Second Edition will be published Spring 2017. ISBN:78-1-5165-0665-1

Farrakhan and Education: A Human Development Approach explores the works of Minister Louis Farrakhan in the areas of education and human development. The book shows that these works present a paradigm shift in the field of education. The material demonstrates the similarities between human development and education—both focus on on-going transitions through which individuals can attain the highest degree of personal achievement. This achievement is more than academic. As Farrakhan and Education shows, Louis Farrakhan believes such achievement must also be spiritual. Indeed, the text and referenced materials support the view that education plays a critical role in total human development and the constant individual evolution into something new.

Beginning with an overview of the educational experiences of Minister Farrakhan, the book moves through theoretical constructs in human development, critical theories in education, and ideas on the relationship between power and knowledge. The text discusses the teachings of Islam as they relate to human development. It also addresses the experience of Blacks, highlighting the achievement gap, and the argument that the education of Black people is controlled by Whites in positions of power.

Farrakhan and Education is different from other texts on education and human development. It recognizes and thoroughly discusses a leader whose work has long gone unrecognized for the major contribution it can make to areas of critical importance today. The book is well researched, and successfully blends this research with insights gained through years of personal reflection. Readers will discover the great purpose of education, as well as what it means to awaken the divine essence within.

Abul Pitre Abul Pitre earned his Ph.D. at Colorado State University. Currently he is the Chair of Leadership Studies at North Carolina A& T State University, where he teaches Multicultural Education for Educational Leaders, Leadership Theories, and Afrocentric Leadership Literacy. Dr. Pitre's research interests are in the areas of multicultural education for school leaders, critical theories in leadership, and the educational philosophy of Elijah Muhammad. During his tenure at Edinboro University, he became the institution’s first named professor for his outstanding work in African-American education, holding the distinguished title Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.

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