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Effective Practices for Teaching and Learning in Inclusive ClassroomsRoberta Kaufman and Robert Wandberg

Effective Practices for Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms

(Revised First Edition)
By Roberta Kaufman and Robert Wandberg

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-888-6, 222 pages


Effective Practices for Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms gives educators insight into the eight most widely researched instructional practices known to have a powerful impact on diverse student populations. The material serves as an effective bridge to the best practices that can be used consistently with students, regardless of placement.

Each chapter begins with objectives and key vocabulary. It then presents a series of questions for readers to consider as they explore teaching and learning in action. All chapters conclude with brief summaries, review questions or activities that encourage critical thinking and applications of the principles, and templates readers can access immediately for classroom use.

Topics include setting the stage for student learning, learner objectives, visual representations, student engagement, grouping and cooperative learning, questioning techniques, assessment, and grading.

This textbook is recommended for pre-service teachers in special education and general education preparation programs. Experienced teachers will also find this book an excellent addition to their professional resource library.

Dr. Roberta Kaufman is an assistant professor of special education in the School of Education at Nevada State College where she teaches courses on inclusion and instructional practices to special education and general education pre-service and in-service teachers. She is the recipient of numerous grants, has published extensively in the field, and presents at regional, national and international conferences.
Dr. Robert Wandberg is the diverse learner literacy coach and a school health education curriculum consultant for the Columbia Heights Public School System in Minnesota. He provides classroom teachers with effective, best-practice strategies for working with a variety of students, including English language learners, special education students, low-literacy learners, and gifted and talented learners. A former health education classroom teacher, as well as a former state health education curriculum director with the Minnesota Department of Education, he has presented at the state, national, and international levels. Dr. Wandberg has published several articles in professional journals, as well as textbooks for middle school, high school, and university students.

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