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Educational Leaders in a Multicultural SocietyAbul Pitre

Educational Leaders in a Multicultural Society

A Critical Perspective (First Edition)
By Abul Pitre | Foreword by Mary M. Hemphill

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-239-5, 130 pages


In whose interests are schools working? What role do educational leaders play in maintaining oppression and inequality? These striking questions and others like them are addressed in the book Educational Leaders in a Multicultural Society: A Critical Perspective. This text provides in-service and pre-service education leaders in the K-12 setting with a critical framework for ensuring equity and equality of education for historically underserved students.

The book addresses multicultural education from a new and unique perspective, linking critical pedagogy and theory, and social justice to transformative leadership. It then uses these concepts to increase understanding of educational philosophy, curriculum and instruction, policy-making, and school-community relations.

The book begins by defining multicultural education and what it means for school leaders. Subsequent chapters address topics such as:

  • Critical Multicultural Curriculum and Instruction
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Social Class and Leadership
  • Leadership for Social Justice

The final chapter of the book articulates a new vision for multicultural education with the ultimate goal of inspiring school leaders to engage in the radical transformation of their schools.

Educational Leaders in a Multicultural Society can be used in undergraduate courses in the foundations of education and multicultural education. It is also an excellent text for graduate courses in school administration.

Teaching Resources
The following videos, created and developed by Mary M. Hemphill, are designed to help readers more fully understand the content in Educational Leaders in a Multicultural Society. By intertwining the reflection questions with highlights from the text, these videos will serve as an interactive resource that will guide the discussion in the classroom for aspiring school leaders, teacher-leaders, and students to develop their own definitions of multicultural education and begin to embrace the content of the text in a new light.

Preface —
Chapter 1 —
Chapter 2 —
Chapter 3 —
Chapter 4 —
Chapter 5 —

Abul Pitre Abul Pitre earned his Ph.D. at Colorado State University. Currently he is the Chair of Leadership Studies at North Carolina A& T State University, where he teaches Multicultural Education for Educational Leaders, Leadership Theories, and Afrocentric Leadership Literacy. Dr. Pitre's research interests are in the areas of multicultural education for school leaders, critical theories in leadership, and the educational philosophy of Elijah Muhammad. During his tenure at Edinboro University, he became the institution’s first named professor for his outstanding work in African-American education, holding the distinguished title Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.

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