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Educational InterventionsDEANNA BURNEY
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Educational Interventions

K-12 Practical Applications for Academic Success
By Deanna Burney

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-797-0, 428 pages


Youth who struggle with academic and behavioral problems are at risk of limiting their futures as productive citizens. The main question at hand: Are our schools protecting these students and equipping them with the skills necessary to compete in a global society and to become productive citizens after graduation? Educational Interventions: K–12 Practical Applications for Academic Success is designed to address the state of twenty-first century education practices pertaining to all students who enter a school classroom.

This text gives educational and psychological practitioners insight into the Response to Intervention process. Response to Intervention provides high-quality instruction and intervention matched to student needs. Using learning rate over time and level of performance, it helps practitioners make important educational decisions. The goals of Response to Intervention include encouraging early intervention to enhance outcomes for children by providing access to increasingly intense supports, eliminating the “wait to fail” system, and linking instruction to progress monitoring. This text provides straightforward, readily available interventions that educators and psychological practitioners can use within their classrooms or psychological practices.

In addition to outlining the essential processes of the Response to Intervention method, Educational Interventions addresses:

  • Special-education legislation
  • Theoretical perspectives on scientific-based interventions
  • Progress monitoring
  • Academic skill and interventions for reading, mathematics, and written language

Dr. DeAnna M. Burney is an Associate Professor in the discipline of School Psychology. She received her graduate level training from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of South Florida. Dr. Burney has served as a School Psychologist in Florida’s public schools for over 17 years, where she provided psychological assessments, interventions, and counseling to students experiencing academic, behavior, and mental health difficulties. She is an experienced crisis counselor, and has been instrumental in consulting with parents and community agencies in response to crises and potential threats in schools. Dr. Burney has published several articles and book chapters in referred journals and books, and is the author of author of the Adolescent Anger Rating Scale (AARS), an assessment instrument that is used by many psychologists and counselors nationally and internationally to screen for students who are potentially a threat to the school environment.