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Culturally Relevant Teaching and Learning for SuccessChevella Wilson

Culturally Relevant Teaching and Learning for Success

(First Edition)
By C. T. Wilson

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-132-7, 92 pages


Culturally Relevant Teaching and Learning for Success provides a practical overview of culturally relevant teaching methodology. Readers learn how to transcend an educational system that is often ill prepared to teach all students, and to instead create a new classroom culture in which culturally relevant teaching can both aid instructional practices and empower students.

The book adds “why” and “how to” components to the traditional textbook discussion of diversity and cultural studies. It begins with an overview of American secondary and higher education and then examines education reform in the wake of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations and discusses the roles of teachers and students. Other topics include the acceptance of multicultural classrooms and approaches to creating classroom environments.

Written to help readers gain a deep understanding of the American educational system and the role of culturally relevant teaching within it, Culturally Relevant Learning and Teaching for Success is suitable for classes on English-language learners, cultural studies, education, and diversity.

C.T. Wilson earned her Ed.S. in higher education administration from The George Washington University and holds an M.S. degree in adult education from North Carolina AT&T State University. She has worked in K-12 education and higher education for several years serving in the capacity as teacher, administrator, and adjunct developmental reading and writing professor at community colleges in North Carolina and Maryland. Her research interests include differentiated instruction, culturally relevant teaching, pre-kindergarten to prison pipeline, and diversity training.